“A garden is a friend you can visit anytime.”

  • When the Forsynthia is in bloom, it is time to cut back your rose bushes and butterfly bushes.
  •  After planting your vegetable garden, surround all your plants with salt-marsh hay, it retains water and keeps the weeds down.
  •  Rain barrel- A must for any gardener. You can find them at local hardware stores or even garden supply sites. Place under a rain gutter from your house, it collects all the rain water and you use it to water all your containers. You want to make sure the top has a screen to filter out any debris or even mosquitos nesting.
  •  When steaming or boiling vegetables, save the water for your container plants, they love the nutrients.
  •  Tea or coffee grounds-by adding these to your soil it with acidify the soil or acid loving plants(you can also use aluminum sulfate) Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Blueberries, Hydrangeas-will change the color from pink to Blue. If you add 1/4″ of grounds once a month you will keep the ph of the soil on the acidic side.
  •  Containers-With large containers for your deck or patio, don’t fill the entire container up with soil so you can’t move it if need be. Save you water bottles, make sure the caps are on and fill up the container. Then add your soil, you will need less soil and it gives the plants better drainage. You can also use broken terra cotta pots to do this.
  •  Bulb planting-always use a granular bulb fertilizer when placing bulbs in the ground, bone meal attracts squirrels and raccoons, so I don’t recommend using that. Also, after planting spread moth balls around the area, poke them into the ground lightly, and pests will stay away-your friends might too if they are planted right next to your front door!
  •  Deterring woodchucks from the vegetable garden-Well, I personally have a strong opinion on this but feel it is not a good idea not to post online. Take a water bottle with water and spray your plants to coat, but not soaking it, and sprinkle cayenne pepper onto the plants. I also have used shaved soap around the perimeter of my garden(Irish Spring-has a strong scent, but after a lot of rain you do have suds). If you find a hole that they are coming from, try putting kitty litter down there.
  • 9 When buying cut tulips, place in a vase with room temperature water and one drop of bleach and your tulips will stand tall until the petals begin to fall off. If you like your tulips to droop, then don’t add the bleach.
  •  If you can work on the soil without the soil sticking to your boots, then the soil should be ready for sowing seeds.

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