images-15Won’t you come into my garden? I would like my roses to see you.”   –Richard Binsley Sheridan


Growing Roses, one of my favorite flowers to grow. My grandmother had them lining her fence and we would spend hours pruning them, smelling them and just admiring them. Everyone should have roses in their garden. Whether it is a rose garden you plant, a rose bush among perennials or a climbing rose on a trellis or arbor, roses are a lot of work, but well worth the effort.

  • Choose a location in your yard that gets full sun all day long. You need full sun to have healthy, thriving roses.
  • Ammend your soil-very important part of planting roses. You want your roses to bloom in your gardens for years to come, so making sure the soil is correct is important. Roses like well drained soil. You want to blend a lot of organic matter such as animal manure(I find chicken manure to be the best)compost and peat moss.
  • Planting your rose bush-Dig a hole slightly larger than the pot size or root ball of your rose bush. Add the compost, peat moss and manure in the hole, mix soil that was removed with more compost. Carefully place the rose bush in the hole and shovel extra soil around the new plant. Plant rose bush with the crown slightly deeper than the original soil level. The crown or bud should be 1-2″ under the soil. After planting, cover the ground area with bark mulch, compost or peat moss, this will help retain water and keep weeds out.
  • Water-Another very important factor with roses. Roses need 1-2″ of water a week during the summer months. If roses receive less water, the bush may not develop and the number of flowers will be less. You also want to water roses at the base of the plant, try avoiding getting water on the foliage, this will help reduce the risk of disease problems.
  • Fertilizing- very important with roses, they love to be fed regularly. You want to feed your roses every month with a granular fertilizer like Rose-tone organic fertilizer or a liquid fertilizer every two weeks. Start applying the fertilizer in April and continue until September 1st. Do not fertilize after September 1, you want the plant to prepare for winter and if you feed it, it will continue to make new growth. In early September you should spray your roses with Wilt-pruf or Wilt-stop to help seal in moisture. If you have insects or disease with your roses you can spray and treat your roses regularly throughout the season with Bonide products or Bayer Advance products.
  • Pruning-Never prune roses in the fall. The only time you should be pruning roses is when the season warms up and the small buds begin to swell, usually April. Prune your shrub to approximately 1/2 its size, cut out any dead or weak stems also. If you want a smaller shrub, prune down to 1/3 its size or if keeping the plant larger, then only 2/3 its size. Make a sloping cut, at an angle with your pruning shears(make sure they are not dull) an inch or less above an outward facing bud. For climbers, once the shrub has reached the height you want, just keep the plant tidy and prune any damaged canes or growth. You don’t want to cut the entire plant back like a shrub, just the dead. After your rose has flowered, cut back that spent single flower to encourage repeat flowering. In the fall, early September,  if you have tall canes and are worried about winter damage, prune those back individually.
  • Preparing for winter- When preparing your beds for winter, take special note to your roses. You want to make sure you build a small mound of organic matter in a tee-pee form around the plant. Leave fallen leaves too which helps act as an insulator incase there isn’t any snow.

As gardeners we long to spend endless amounts of time tending to our gardens, trying new plants, weeding, dead heading, pruning and even transplanting certain favorites. But sometimes I think it is just as rewarding to stop, admire, bend down and take time to smell those beautiful roses.               incredible-most-beautiful-rose-gardens-in-the-world-on-home-garden-with-most-beautiful-rose-gardens-in-the-world-nature-wallpapers

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