unnamed-3God made rainy days so gardeners could get their housework done”-Unknown

Container gardening is a wonderful way to bring a garden to your home. Some of the most spectacular gardens can be found in containers., especially if space is limited where you live. Even if you have acres of land, containers on a patio or deck or even placed strategically in a perennial bed can add interest and constant beauty to your garden.  Here are some basic steps when considering a container garden.

1. Choosing your container: Your container can consist of custom made pottery to antique bathtubs. Any container that appeals to you is a  possibility, as long as there are drainage holes at the bottom. I recommend placing small stones at the bottom for extra drainage. You can mix and match with different colors and height. Hanging baskets and window boxes too.            photo-61                                                  2. Soil: I recommend using an organic potting soil/compost mix, especially if planting vegetables or herbs. I am really happy using Coast of Maine soil and compost mixtures. BarHarbor Blend premium potting soil is what I use in my containers and window boxes.                                                                                  3. Choosing Plants: When choosing plants for your containers the list is endless. First, what are your light conditions? You will either need sun or shade plants. Annuals or Perennials? Annuals are flowers that die at the end of the growing season. Perennials are flowers that come back every year. You can always mix the two together and add herbs too. Edible plants-herbs and vegetables. I mix all of these together. If you have a window box near you kitchen then try growing an herb garden, just open the window and clip.photo-47

4. Placing your Plants: After you have picked out your plants, decide how you want them to look in your container first before just digging in. Place them on the top of the soil and play around with them. Place larger, taller plants in the back or center with trailing plants on the outer edges. Gently break up the roots before putting them into their holes. Bulbs can be forced to bloom in containers too. You need to put them in a cool, dark place for over 8 weeks then set them in the sun and they will grow and bloom. Bulbs that are forced should not be planted again.                                                                                                                                           5. Watering and fertilizing: You want to check your containers regularly, they dry out quickly, especially in full sun. You want to fertilize your containers with a liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks to help with constant blooming and growing.

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