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Round Boxwood Wreath Sizes 8" 12" 16"We are nearer to spring Than we were in September, I heard a bird sing In the dark of December.” Oliver Herford

Today is the Full Cold Moon, and with the temperatures dropping this week we will certainly feel it! A little over a week and we have Winter Solstice.

Just because the temps are getting colder and the ground is beginning to freeze, we can still have fun decorating our homes with many winter blooming Orchids, Poinsettia’s, Christmas cactus, cyclamen plants, Amaryllis, and even cute little boxwood topiaries.images-51 Many of your local garden centers and florist are filled with many of these plants, so go out and get yourself some, not just one, load up the house! And for the outside, yes all of our plants are going dormant, but why not jazz up the front stoop and porch with some birch, red twigs, winterberry, pinecones and greens. 1t81a5sm1y21b It’s all about being festive this time of year, anything goes! Especially the big colored lights on your tree, it brings out the kid in all of us!

Selecting the perfect Christmas tree can be a holiday tradition or seasonal nightmare. For those of you that have a fake tree, it takes off a lot of pressure. For for those of us that will not allow anything fake(relating to garden like) into your house than this can sometimes be a challenge. Or you may consider buying a potted tree that can be planted outside.
Choose a tree that you can handle, since the dirt ball or pot will be heavy.
Pick out the tree while the weather is good and the moving is easy.
Your living tree can only stay in the house for 7 to 10 days. So, plan for the time that the tree will be in the house and out.
Do not fill the container with water–a quart at a time will do. To help keep the tree dormant, spray the foliage with Wilt-Pruf or Wilt Stop. This will keep the moisture in the tree. Mist the tree daily with water. After the holidays, if the weather is stormy or very cold, place the tree in the garage or barn. If that is not possible, put it up against the house or fence to keep it out of direct sun and the wind. Cover the root ball with bark mulch, straw or soil until spring. You can plant the tree in the yard if the weather is good, but you will have to dig the hole before the ground freezes and bring the soil into the garage so it does not freeze. You must also fill the hole with leaves in a trash bag just in case it snows or you will never find it (or worse, find it by falling in it). I wait until spring…it’s easier! The living tree is more work than the traditional cut tree but you will not be sorry when you see the results. unnamed-10

Garden Christmas gifts for your gardener. There are so many adorable ornaments you can find at many local garden stores or online at Gardener’s Supply or even local feed stores. Or the best gift is to get a gift certificate for you gardener at their favorite garden or feed store!

Lastly, I hope you all have a relaxing and wonderful Holiday with your friends and family. Here is Valentino and Benito getting Santa ready for his trip, lets hope he has raisins! img_1376

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