“In every gardener there is a child who believes in the Seed Fairy”-Robert Brault



It’s the end of January, we only have a couple of more months to go and we will be out in the garden again, I get giddy just thinking about it. But for me and I’m sure many of you, we need something constantly blooming in our lives, it’s therapeutic. My advice, house plants. This photo is a Clivia plant I have in my living room and it makes me so happy when I look at it. I actually have 4. Isn’t it just such a lovely plant? Clivia plants prefer bright indirect sunlight when indoors, but when outdoors it prefers shade, if in direct sunlight the leaves will scorch, similar to most house plants. Clivias  bloom in the winter, typically around February which is a perfect time. They prefer to be pot bound and they do not like to be disturbed, so repot every 3-5 years in the spring once flowers have faded.





Orchids-Another gorgeous houseplant that many people are nervous to try. Orchids need a bright, indirect sunlight. The color of the leaf in an indicator if the plant is getting too much or too little sunlight. If the leaves are dark green, it indicates too little light, the leaves should be a bright green and should be placed in a south or west facing window, in warmer months, avoid direct sunlight. You should water orchids every 5-12 days, in warmer months they should be watered more frequently. Now, a wonderful dear old friend of mine kept orchids for years and told me a secret to success with orchids that I will share, 3 ice cubes once a week, in the summer months, every 5 days.  They also like to be fed once a month, I recommend an orchid food, rather than a typical house plant fertilizer.






African Violets-Probably the easiest houseplant you can have, and just so pretty. My grandmother had them in every room in her house and I always have one in mine. African Violets like like indirect light for best flowering, likes to be potbound and fertilize once a month, with an fertilizer for African violets. Water once a week at room temperature water and never leave them sitting in water, they don’t like their feet wet, it can cause crown rot. Keep water off the foliage and remove spent flowers when they begin to fade. I keep mine on a side table in my living room, under a table lamp too, they love artificial light also, so mine is constantly blooming

Seed Catalogs-I absolutely love going to the mailbox this time of year and receiving all the seed catalogs, they are filled with so many wonderful plant varieties. Many of us start garden plants indoors, rather than buying seedlings from a nursery to take advantage of the special varieties available from certain seed companies. Unless you have a green house(which is on my to do list) or a large area of fluorescent lights, you will want to be selective about the varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers you start at home. Some varieties don’t need to be started indoors and are best to sow directly in the ground. Now, I must warn you, with the snow on the ground, blooming house plants indoors, it is dangerous to go through the catalogs. You need to have self restraint, something I do not have and before you know it you have multiple seeds arriving at your door, enough to pant 3 acres with.

Upcoming events-Wonderful events you can attend right now and in the upcoming months. Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend an event with my dear friend Anna at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. What a lovely day. Personally, I could just sit in the courtyard the entire time, (if only I could sneak in a cup of tea)but the artwork is just beautiful and the building itself is spectacular. Rhode Island Spring Flower and garden show, February 19-February 22nd, Rhode Island Convention Center. Lovely event, with great speakers and events, and small, not overwhelming. Boston Flower and Garden Show, March 11-15, Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. Of course a lovely event and the nice thing about that flower show, is you know that the daffodils will soon be blooming! Ok, we discuss this every year and once again I need to just comment on this, our furry little friend, Punxsutwaney Phil best do the right thing this year. You would think his relatives that frequent(or used to) my backyard would send him a message on doing the right thing. Lastly, I have some news, I have finally got with the times and have a Facebook page for my garden business, I am a slow learner and have had help from my son (when he is not making fun of me) but would love for you to all “Like” my business page.

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